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SR 7 Extension

SR 7 Extension / FAQs

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

PSL Boulevard

What are some of the major improvements being made as part of the project?
The improvements include the widening of SR 7 from two to four lanes from Okeechobee Boulevard to 60th Street and construction of a new four lane divided facility from 60th Street to Northlake Boulevard. A shared-use path, bike lanes, sidewalks, drainage, traffic signals and roundabouts are included as part of the improvements.

What is the estimated cost for the project?
The estimated construction cost for the entire project is $69 million.

When will construction begin?
It is estimated that construction will begin January 2022.

Will the project encroach within the Grassy Waters Preserve?
No. The proposed project is being conducted within transportation right of way and is located outside of the Grassy Waters Preserve. No improvements or construction will take place within the Preserve boundaries.

Will stormwater runoff go into the Grassy Waters Preserve?
No, the project has been designed so that there is no direct discharge into the Grassy Waters Preserve.

What happens if a truck carrying hazardous materials gets in an accident near the Grassy Waters Preserve and there is a spill?
The project includes several design features to ameliorate such an emergency. These include a curb and gutter system with an urban drainage collection system, guardrail along the eastern edge of the roadway, and a swale between the roadway and the boundary of the Grassy Waters Preserve. The guardrail, in combination with the curb and gutter, would help contain vehicles within the roadway in the event of an accident. Any material spilled on the roadway, if large enough, may enter the nearest drainage inlet where it may collect or outfall into the drainage swale. The contaminated material and soil from the swale would then be removed from the site in accordance with local, state, and federal response procedures. No direct outfall between the drainage system and the Grassy Waters Preserve is proposed. For the bridge crossing over the M-Canal, the FDOT proposes a 54-inch high concrete barrier wall. Most barrier walls for this type of application are only 32 inches high. In addition, the joints on the bridge would be sealed to help retain any contaminated materials on the bridge deck and away from the M-Canal.

Who can I contact regarding this project?
You can contact the following FDOT project personnel for additional information: Fausto Gomez, PE, Project Manager, phone: (954) 777-4466, or Guillermo Canedo, FDOT Communications Manager, phone: (954) 777-4302.

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